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Month: April 2018

No Place Like Home
April 28, 2018

There’s something about making images in small spaces that evokes an intimacy between the photographer and the subject. My home studio is practically a cathedral compared to what I’ve seen in some of the New York venues, but it's still only about 16′x16′x14′. This means when I'm taking photos, I’m almost inside somebody's personal space.You have to put your subject at ease. Real, ease... not the “hello, pleased to meet you,” ease....

The Dramatics
April 7, 2018

Back when I started purchasing all of my light modifiers, I knew that I was going to start chasing dramatic looks. This is an example of the thing—the essence—that I wanted to explore. You see, it’s easy to have someone just step in front of a camera, eyes-front, and just take the basic ID photo. That’s not something I was interested in.Dramatic looks are just as much about shadow as they are about light.  There’s a balance, it’s not...

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