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Month: May 2018

Sources of Light
May 19, 2018

How many light sources do you count in this image?I count a thousand. And they are all emanating from the model's eyes. Okay—actually there are four, counting the background lights... and those can be considered a single light since they have the same effect. This is what I call a "vision" image. When I see the final image before I've seen the model, and even before I've seen the location.Dez, a model I've worked with recently allowed me to...

Family Foundations
May 11, 2018

I do not consider myself a natural light photographer. I believe we have a tendency to label for shortcuts. I usually supplement natural light with speedlights, although I really should start gelling them to match the sun's color. I got away with it in this photo because the sky was overcast, and not the typical bright yellow that's associated with sunlight.I do, however, occasionally shoot using only sunlight. But even then, I'll probably have a...

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