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About Me: The Man Behind the Camera

So, you want to know the rest of the story.
Good for you!

My interest in photography was always there in the background somewhere. But in 2000, I bought my first digital camera. It was what’s known as a “point-and-shoot.” As soon as I got it out of the packaging, the first thing I did was capture a drop of water in mid-air from my leaky kitchen sink in the Seattle, Washington area. From the moment I saw that grainy blob on the LCD, there was no turning back. I began taking snapshots of my kids all the time. That graduated into a cycle of buying contraptions to screw on to my camera and shooting landscapes of the Puget Sound.

During the ensuing years, I went through the “gear-craze” phase of photography, buying anything I could get my hands on. Around this time, I also started dabbling in Photoshop, which led to a crisis of identity as I started to blur the lines between photographer and graphic designer. I would make increasingly complex composite images of pictures I had taken. It took years, but I began to realize that I was being drawn to the dark side (apologies to graphic designers–we’re related)!

Now, I am on a journey to become of Master of Light. I fully appreciate my place on the spectrum of artistic expression, and I continue to learn how to draw upon the analytical, creative, and curious aspects of my personality to reveal beauty via light and shadow. At this point, the consideration of light is as much a part of me as the fingers I’m using to type this explanation.

I’ve worked with corporate clients, small businesses, families, and individuals, wedding parties,and  pet owners. The only segments we haven’t reached so far government and military. As our team is comprised of veterans and government contractors, one day we’ll make a push for those groups too.

Personally, as someone who gets paid to take pictures, I have to try to earn trust on two levels. The first level of trust is getting someone to pay me money and expect to get more than they paid for. This may be hard to believe, but that’s the easy part. Now, there are some who folks who want me to bring a five-thousand dollar rig to for a fifty dollar photo session, but I’m not talking about them. Folks who want to capture that perfect moment know what it’s worth. It’s that second kind of trust that is sometimes more elusive. And I work hard to earn and keep your trust. And that’s the story of the man behind the camera.

Hard Skills / Soft Skills

Headshots and Portraits

I will light you and pose you until it's perfect! Then, we do it again.

Communication & Professionalism

Prompt, competent, confident, courteous service. I make sure there are no surprises.


My time-intensive interpretations are in a league of their own. I will give your images a pos-production polish that will make you the envy of all who see them.


I love the process. I love the beauty that I capture. And, I love my clients.

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