When people ask my specialty in photography, I tell them it’s “storytelling portraiture.” Then, they usually frown a little and cock their head to the side to process what I just said.

To blend a series of epic images together is the essence of my take on storytelling portraiture. But it can be a series of images, or a single image created from a series of images. What’s most important is that it tells the story authentically. One more clarification; truth and authenticity are closely related, but they are not the same thing. Authenticity, in this sense, is cohesion and balance… basically making sure that everything in the image flows and makes sense. And truth is the forensic aspect of the image… making sure everything is accurate. The next time you pick up a copy of Vogue magazine, you’re not looking at truth—you’re looking at authenticity.

The image above is an example of one of the more creative works I’ve been putting together. It’s pretty easy to figure out the theme from the pose, lighting, and interpretation. But in case you want to be sure, it’s confidence.

End of Story