How I take great care to create stunning photos of your children.

Notwithstanding the technical aspects of recording an image in film or digital medium (I do both), there’s an extra dimension that my artwork reveals when you see it on your living room wall. When it comes to portraits—especially authentic portraits—it’s all about trust and timing. Capturing the true essence of your child is an art form all its own. The easy part is that most children don’t carry as much “social armor” as we adults tend to. So, the time it takes for them to build into a true expression is much shorter. The more difficult aspect is that it’s so very fleeting, and you have to know what’s coming to be able to capture it at the peak moment. Think back to when he or she was an infant taking that deep breath, and that (seemingly) four-second pause before unleashing a blood-curdling scream, all because their pacifier fell to the ground. Anticipation of a moment you knew would come, right? Well, with older children, the anticipation-to-reaction time is vastly shorter. But there are cues for situations that I’ve learned to anticipate, whether they be comical, dramatic, or a combination of the two. Observation and calculation; those are my tools.

Why I take great care to create stunning photos of your children.

Although you’ve have seen great images in my portfolio, they’re only placed to start a conversation about how to get art onto your wall. You commission me as an artist, but you are also hiring a historian to artfully document your child’s growth and accomplishments. It’s not something that I take lightly, as I have children of my own! How important they must feel when they see themselves so large, and so permanent? What boost to self-esteem they must feel when their friends see a fine-art print of them? We have all been told how special we are, but there’s nothing special about swiping through a bunch of JPEGs to try and find them. Was the cake smash pic before or after the screenshot of the Costco receipt? If this reads as an indictment, trust me, I’ve been guilty too at one time or another. But there’s a better way. My goal is to help you place a work of art on your wall that celebrates your child; to make a portfolio of their life.

Some clients hire me every few years to update their walls, while others have me over to shoot everything from yearly holiday cards, to birthdays, and everything in between. Do you have a family historian? If not, let’s start a conversation about how we can create gallery-class artwork featuring your little one. Because no matter their size right now, they’ll always be your little one.


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