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Why You Need a Themed Family Portrait Session
November 2, 2019

The bond between a parent and their children is unlike any other; it can be beautifully captured in a photograph. But if you’re anything like me, you’re always the one behind the camera in family photos and hardly ever in them. Even when we have our family photos professionally taken, I’m always too busy worrying about everyone else and don’t get to relax and enjoy the photo session. The photos also tend to focus more on the kids and I...

How to Always Look Fantastic in Photos
October 5, 2019

If you’ve recently looked at a photo of yourself and didn’t like it, I am speaking directly to you. I know exactly how to make you look great in your pictures! More importantly, I know exactly why, you’ll look better—but that’s part of my secret sauce. However, if you know that you’re going to have a lens pointed in your direction in the near future, here are six simple ways to get better results: Get to Know Your Face. This applies...

Choosing the Right Camera for Your Child
September 14, 2019

I’m at the Pixel Photo Fest in Cleveland this week. So, instead of writing an article about how to feel, or what to wear, etc. I’m going to change it up and talk about the kids! My children are amazing—I know, all parents are supposed to say that—but they really are (we’re supposed to say that too)! One of the things that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy is seeing all four of them express varying degrees of interest in photography. How proud...

Five Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer
August 26, 2019

Five Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer You know I’m a great photographer, but I also hold several degrees in education. This puts me in a great position to work with many people who want to know what they should be asking and expecting from a premium photography experience. Well, beyond the pricing and materials you’ll receive, there are a deeper set of questions that can help guide you to get the best experience from a photo...

BYOP: Bring Your Own Props
May 27, 2019

I am not a prop photographer; I use effects. There's a big technical difference, but for you it really boils down to having your story enhanced by an object within the image or having it enhanced by an element of the image. That said, you commission me to make art that features you. Some clients like to take my artistic recommendations, while others like more of a hand in calling the shots (pun intended). So, I've put together some pointers...

Why I do This
December 6, 2018

The image above is of a camera I call "The Smile-Maker." As a business purchase, it's a horrible idea: it doesn't generate revenue, it's a perpetual drain of money, and if a picture comes out all messed up I instantly look bad in front of the client... even if it wasn't something that I did wrong. But this is about more than just business for me. My goal is to breathe beauty back into this world. To make you see how special you are, even...

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