Five Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer

You know I’m a great photographer, but I also hold several degrees in education. This puts me in a great position to work with many people who want to know what they should be asking and expecting from a premium photography experience. Well, beyond the pricing and materials you’ll receive, there are a deeper set of questions that can help guide you to get the best experience from a photo session. I’ve put together some questions that will help you make a decision when commissioning an artist.

  1. Which types of photography do you specialize in? Although “light is light, no matter what,” It’s uncommon for a photographer to specialize in several different types of photography as they often only specialize in one or sometimes two genres. All things being equal, specialization makes for outstanding work in a given specialty. Think of photographers as image doctors: as physicians work in specialized fields, so to do a lot of photographers.
  2. Do you have many repeat clients? This is agreat litmus test of not only the quality of a photographer’s work but of their customer service too. I treat each commissioning as an audition for the next and take nothing for granted. That’s part of why I’m consistently able to win repeat business.
  3. What is your policy on rescheduling a session? An experienced photographer will definitely have a policy in place when it comes to a customer cancelling or rescheduling a photography session.  A photographer with policies indicates that they have experience with different types of customers and situations and have created policies accordingly. My contracts cover rescheduling and cancellations to make things flexible, yet clear for me and for you!
  4. Have you had any experience with (name your specific concern)? If you have any specific concerns regarding your photo session such as the photographer’s ability to work with a special needs child for example, find out if they have ever handled that type of situation before. Do not dismiss a photographer and their abilities based on their answers to your concerns. If given adequate notice, an experienced photographer should be able to deal with any situation you present them. This is the hallmark of a true pro.
  5. Silent Question: Use your gut to judge their personality and rapport. A photographer’s main job is to capture emotions and moments. If your photographer doesn’t mesh well with you on the phone or in person, chances are you and your family will not mesh well with them at your session and this will show in your photos.

You don’t have to limit yourself to these five! In fact, if you have other questions, feel free to reach out to me using the contact form, or one of my social media portals.

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