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Photography by Terrance will retouch your images.

In addition to photography, videography, and supplying printed solutions, Photography by Terrance offers a retouching service for clients who already have images that need a little or a lot of attention.

We perform different levels of retouching that can be ordered as a group for savings, or à la carte. Pricing shown is for single à la carte offerings only. Contact us for bulk orders.

$10 per image | Free add-on service

Basic Retouch

Each and every image captured by us will receive a free basic retouch to make sure the color treatment and composition matches our client's theme. Now, you may be thinking ``why don't you just get it right when you're taking the picture?`` The short answer is, ``I do!`` However, there are differences between how the human eye interprets a scene, and how a camera imaging sensor records it. I make adjustments for that difference, and also the overall feel of the images based on conversations with my clients. A small charge is applied to images that were not made by Photography by Terrance. Turnaround time for these images is typically 24 hours, depending on the number of images.
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$29 per image | Selective add-on service

Detailed Retouch

For portraits, weddings, headshots, or even at your request, we perform a very detailed retouch. In addition to what's included in the basic retouch, this level of retouching removes blemishes, fixes hair, sculpts features (with a truthful rendition unless otherwise requested), and is recommended for headshots and portraits. Our detailed retouches are considered to be ``magazine ready.``
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$49 - 89 per image

Fantasy Retouch

The fantasy treatment is our most interpretive level of retouching . This service includes all improvements from the basic and detailed retouch services, and and incorporates color theory to reinterpret the image, plus includes parts from other photographs or design elements to tell a compelling story of the image. This is what is known as a composite image.
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$99 - $129 per image

Nuclear Option

This level of retouching is recommended for the worst images of the most important moments. Just about all of these requests are from clients who had their wedding photographed by a budget photographer or for free by a friend. Distracting elements are removed, color and composition is corrected, smiles are manufactured, eyes are pointed in the same direction, and everybody who wants to will lose 30 pounds (or maybe gain a pound or two in places they request).
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