Photographer’s say “just act natural.” But what does that even mean? There’s nothing natural about standing around waiting for a flashbulb to pop off! If anything, that whole sequence reminds us of lightning.  Looking natural is easier said than done, so in this blog post, I’m going to give you some tips that will have you looking better regardless of whether it’s for a selfie in the bathroom, or a fine art portrait session.


Have Something to Hold: Hands can be the most difficult things to figure out what to do with. For some reason, it always feels awkward just having them at your side so bring something to hold onto. Flowers, a book, musical instrument anything that is significant to you can be the perfect addition to your shoot. However, I can pose your bare hands in a way that looks elegant and natural. You no longer have to stick them in your pockets, thumbs out.


Your Natural Smile: You don’t want to get caught with the deer in headlights look and faking a smile is often not very flattering. One of the best ways to show your natural smile is to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The corners of your mouth will naturally draw up and it won’t look forced at all. So that’s how you show a smile if you’re not really feeling it.

But the best way to get to a natural smile is to think happy thoughts. Why? Because when your mind smiles, your body follows suit! During our portrait session, I’ll give you an image, a joke, or maybe ask you to tell me a happy story. This is so those thoughts will be on your mind and will help bring out a genuine smile. If I see you starting to get nervous, I bring you back to your happy place so you can become more relaxed.


Comfortable Clothing Shows up on the Eye: If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing this will show through in your images no matter how much you try to fake it. You want to wear something you feel comfortable in not only so you can move around easily but so that you will be more confident in front of the camera as well. I spot micro-expressions, and your eyes will tell me what you think about your clothes… especially if they’re too tight.


Two Killer Posing Tips:I see it all the time: beautiful person; horrible pose. Well, because you took the time to read this blog post, I’m going to give you some very simple and failsafe tricks when it comes to posing. First, just about everyone has an asymmetrical face and most often one of the eyes is slightly larger than the other. You want to turn the side of your face with the slightly smaller eye towards the camera. This will help balance out the face. Second, stick your neck out slightly. This helps elongate the neck and will eliminate the dreaded “double chin” that many people have.

End of Story