This is a image from an upcoming family maternity session. Wait—I meant engagement session. I’m so sorry! I really meant to say a solo portrait. In case you’re wondering what I’m getting at, this location is for all of those.

This image was taken earlier today during a location scouting expedition. Location scouting is where you comb through local areas in search of the perfect backgrounds for your images. By no means have I covered as much area as I should, but I have some real gems that other photographers either don’t have the imagination or the daring to attempt. I have to be told twice by authorities (and it better be the same person) before I think about picking up shop. But location scouting isn’t about trolling the security or police, it’s about finding those spots where you’ll have to deal with that possibility in order to get an epic shot. A chained gate is like a beacon to me, saying “this way to visual treasures.”

Scouting locations is one of the ways that I show you I’m on top of things. You don’t have to worry about anything, from placement to posing. That really makes a big difference, because I get a fair amount of people who are camera shy and I don’t want to waste their time and nerves while I figure out the best angle. For 90% of my clients, I’ve already shot the session days before I’ve met them, and I just put them in the position and pose from the scout shoot. The other 10% are in their homes or other venues, but even then I can spot similarities and I just know what looks good.

Another aspect of the location is the time of year. A place takes on a different atmosphere when it’s covered with Autumn leaves or the first Winter’s snow. I know this because I’ve been there multiple times. I’ll explain in an upcoming post about always going back to take more shots.

If you want to know more about my methods, commission me to make some art with you!

End of Story