Image Restoration

Give Us Your Torn and Faded Images–We Bring Them Back!

Image restoration is the most time-intensive undertaking that we offer. This goes beyond fixing a bad photo. Restoration involves scanning a damaged picture and reconstructing the image forensically. This includes pictures that have been burned, waterlogged, torn, faded by sunlight, crumpled, or exposed to some other form of damage. The cost of replacing these types of memories cannot be directly quoted because the extent of the damage must be assessed.

However, when the job is completed and turned over to the client, there is sometimes a strong emotional response. Because of the sentimental value that accompanies these types of images, I do not ask that clients allow me to show their as work samples. As time permits, I will locate my only baby picture from 1975 and present a large scale restoration to demonstrate our restoration capabilities.

This is an extremely valuable service that should not be trusted to amateurs as failure in these types of undertakings can also produce a strong emotional reaction. The power of the printed image becomes most apparent during a restoration job.

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