How many light sources do you count in this image?

I count a thousand. And they are all emanating from the model’s eyes. Okay—actually there are four, counting the background lights… and those can be considered a single light since they have the same effect. This is what I call a “vision” image. When I see the final image before I’ve seen the model, and even before I’ve seen the location.

Dez, a model I’ve worked with recently allowed me to photograph her daughter in a “city lights” themed session. I have to admit that I was pretty pumped up about it and had trouble sleeping the night prior. It all goes back to the talk that Audrey Woulard gave at WPPI a couple of months ago. She introduced me to the tween market (not yet graduates, but much more mature than toddlers). My description of a tween would probably make her head spin, but that’s the simplest way I can put it.

So, going back to the session: this model was an absolute joy to work with, and I had my son with me to help with lighting. Dez helped out too, so it was really a team effort and a lot of fun. We produced some great art… and that’s the reason I do this in the first place.

Photography by Terrance abbreviated logo.