In our world of instant gratification, the printed picture has been abandoned in place of the digital image. Lockets and pendants have been substituted for an LG or a Pixel2 smartphone. Nobody carries wallet-sized prints of their loved ones; instead we have them in our cell phones, our tablets, or, in my case, my wristwatch. You would think prints are a thing of the past. And while there are advantages to being able to look at your wrist and see Grandma smiling back at you, there are definite advantages to having a picture of her on your mantle.

I try to educate my clients on the importance of having their images professionally printed. You see, printing is the end-state of an image. Anything before that is just ones and zeroes—a digital purgatory where anything can happen. Every hard drive is a hard drive waiting to fail. Every cloud server can be hacked. And when a digital cloud goes down, it rains on you and your pictures. I back up my images. Everyone should, because you never know… Unless your print and hang them.

There is something about holding an image in your hand that connects you to the moment in ways that a screen cannot match. That’s why I’m a print photographer. When sending my images off to print, I use the absolute best print lab in the United States. I also give my clients a one-stop shop where they can have their prints matted and framed to present them properly as art. And make no mistake, this is art. It’s special art; the batteries never die, the display is never cracked or scratched, and you don’t wait for it to load. All you have to do is look. And touch. And feel the energy of the memory in its final form.