When you ask my specialty, I’ll tell you it’s storytelling portraiture. You may not know what this means offhand, so allow me to explain. I take elements of a theme and combine them to create visual interest. The result is a  beautiful and compelling image, worthy of being printed and displayed in a gallery. That’s storytelling portraiture in a nutshell, but a two-sentence explanation makes the process seem simpler than it really is. What many don’t take into account is production value: that is, how much visible effort, and intangible knowledge and skill, was put into creating the portrait.

These are the things that will set one image apart from another, or even a set of images, or an album, or a collection. If you want the perfect moment to be captured, I can help you with that. Together, we may even end up redefining your concept of perfection once you realize what can be accomplished.

End of Story