The image above is of a camera I call “The Smile-Maker.” As a business purchase, it’s a horrible idea: it doesn’t generate revenue, it’s a perpetual drain of money, and if a picture comes out all messed up I instantly look bad in front of the client… even if it wasn’t something that I did wrong. But this is about more than just business for me.

My goal is to breathe beauty back into this world. To make you see how special you are, even transcending the apparent visual attributes. That is why I always develop a theme. You see, just about everyone has two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, but very few people have the same face. And fewer still, share the same expressions. I make art of you; from the setup and pose that took at least 30 minutes to perfect, to the candid unguarded moments where your natural self shines through. My goal is to show your beauty to this world.

The Smile-Maker is a physical object that fits this vision. The smile is a moment. A gift that you give to yourself and to me. And then I give it back to you as a memento. If you are lucky (and I happen to have film), you’ll see why I do this.

Photography by Terrance abbreviated logo.